We like to credit people for their work. All of the images and multimedia that has been used on this website are listed below with their credited author.

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ASC Photography by Anna Curnow

The image we have used on the 2017 calendar page of a beautiful sunset over Dartmoor, belongs to Anna Curnow. Landscape photography.

To view more of her work, visit her site at ASC Photography


The photo of Tavistock Town Hall in the square was by Tyrie2001 on Deviant Art. We edited it slightly.

To view the original image, visit Deviant Art.



The photo used of the Bedford Hotel in Tavistock on our homepage is from Wikimedia.

The actual author is unknown.

Dartmoor Search and Rescue

On our homepage, the image used to illustrate the Dartmoor Search and Rescue, is from Dartmoor Search and Rescue Ashburton.

To visit their site and read more about them, follow this link.

Devon 1069

Rodney Willett's Blog

The image of the Bedford Hotel in Tavistock which we've used on our contact us page was sourced from Rodney Willett's blog.

To read more about the blog, follow this link.

The Bedford Hotel

This beautiful image we used in the header of the page, was sourced from someone at the Bedford Hotel themselves.

To view their website, head to the Bedford Hotel's official website.