Dartmoor Archaeology

October 27, 2018 TPC-ADMIN

Tavistock Probus Club enjoyed Dartmoor Guide Simon Dell’s presentation on Dartmoor archaeology when he visited this month at the Bedford Hotel. Simon has visited the Club on a number of occasions and always proves to be a popular and erudite speaker.
Simon explained about the basics of Archaeology relating to the National Park within a national picture and included all the major features such as Hut Circles, Stone Rows and Granite crosses as well as specific sites of interest such as Merrivale and Grimspound. The recent excavation of the Whitehorse Hill chamber was also detailed with interesting images of the site as well as a wealth of photographs all around the moorland area. He then put it all into a chronological timescale from Palaeolithic right up through to the Bronze Age and on to modern day 21st century archaeology.
Tony Smith gave a vote of thanks and complimented Simon on his knowledge and clarity, which made for a greatly enjoyable and easily understood presentation. The presentation was complemented by a collection of flint arrowheads, axes and bronze artefacts etc which the members enjoyed looking at. Of great interest was the recent surveying of Tavistock’s ‘Trendle’ near Mount Kelly School which involved modern and scientific methods of ground penetrating LIDAR technology which had unearthed previously-unknown features which are being analysed at this present time.

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