Dartmoor Rescue

June 8, 2017 TPC-ADMIN

We are lucky to live in the stunningly beautiful national park of Dartmoor, but with that dramatic landscape comes danger, be it mist, heavy rain, bogs, severe injury or simply losing one’s way. Dartmoor Rescue is ready to come to our aid, day or night throughout the year.

James Metcalf FRCS is a badged member of the Dartmoor Search and Rescue team skilled in swift water rescue and a member of the “Hasty” team – they carry out searches on foot at high-speed! James gave members a very interesting account of all the services which Dartmoor Rescue can and do offer. This includes: finding people who are lost or injured, administering first aid, getting people to a place of safety, providing safety cover for large events such as Ten Tors and giving talks on mountain safety. The training of team members is demanding and usually lasts 6 to 12 months. Most important are navigation skills, first aid, local knowledge, use of communications equipment, off-road driving and assistance of helicopters. They also work closely with the police.

Dartmoor Rescue is a vital local service and is a charity, relying on the generosity of the local population to cover its operational costs. Members are volunteers and can be called out to help at any time, day or night. The teams are supplemented by some very important members – the search dogs. Dartmoor Rescue has used the services of two spaniels, an Aberdeen pinscher, and two collies. They would love to have a St Bernard.

Peter Brinsden gave the Vote of Thanks saying how much we are grateful to volunteers like James who give up their time and safety to go out and rescue people. In July, we hold our Club Lunch in the Bedford Hotel. Tavistock Probus Club is always pleased to welcome new members.

If you would like more information or a complimentary invitation to one of our talks, please have a word with our secretary on 01822 615669.

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