May 8, 2017 TPC-ADMIN

Our talk this month was given by Ted Sherrell who, for 40 years, was a Tavistock Councillor, 30 years a Justice of the Peace and, for very many years, a journalist at the Tavistock Times and Gazette. Ted entertained members with reminiscences of his working life as a journalist.

The Tavistock Gazette was founded in 1857 followed by The Tavistock Times in 1920 and throughout their early years, the two newspapers ran as separate titles. Ted joined the staff of the Times in 1959 as a sub-reporter. In those days, the newspaper was printed on site. Both newspapers were crucial to Tavistock as a source of local news, events and the activities of the town’s organisations. In 1977, the owner and editor of the Tavistock Gazette invited Ted to switch sides and join his newspaper.

The Times was owned by The Mirror Group and was used as a training ground for novice journalists. Ted surprised members by saying that one of those novices was Alastair Campbell and that he worked in Tavistock in the 1980s before returning to The Mirror in London.

In 1987, Ted helped set up the Tavistock Clarion but this venture was not the success he had hoped for and in 1991 Ted returned to the Times where he is, to this day, writing his own very popular column.

Ray Hurle gave the vote of thanks describing Ted as a wonderful character both in his talks and his many books. Tavistock Probus Club is always pleased to welcome new members. 

If you would like more information or a complimentary invitation to one of our Tavistock Probus Club talks, please have a word with our secretary on 01822 615669.

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