Sea Cruises

October 27, 2018 TPC-ADMIN

Probus Club Speakers Secretary, David Denton, gave an illustrated talk to the Club at its recent well-attended meeting. The talk, entitled ‘This Cruising Life’ made use of the large number of photographs which David had taken during several cruises and sought to highlight some of the interesting and unusual places the voyages visited.
David and his late wife Phillippa started cruising after their retirement and have visited many unusual places around the world. In addition to the photographs, David was able to give the history and background to the places highlighted which included the Panama Canal, Egypt, Petra, Salalah in Oman, the Taj Mahal and the north east coast of the USA. Of particular interest to some members of the Club were the world’s first nuclear missile armed submarine in New York and a World War II corvette in Halifax, Nova Scotia. David was also able to describe in detail being on board MS Balmoral when it was chased by pirates in the Gulf of Aden who got within 300 metres of the ship before excellent ship handling by the Captain prevented them attempting to board.

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