Snapshots in the life of a Parish Priest

February 8, 2016 TPC-ADMIN

Tavistock Parish Church

There is a wind of change blowing through Tavistock – and one that will benefit everyone. Rev Dr. Christopher Hardwick gave Probus members an insight into his plans for the future of Tavistock Parish Church.

History of where it all began for Chris

Born in Lichfield to a church family, Chris first chose a career in banking before setting out on the difficult road to becoming a parish priest. As Dean of the Cathedral of Truro, and working with the Cathedral’s Chapter, he merged his priest work with the job of tackling the Cathedral’s budget deficit. By improving outreach, opening the choral activities to all, and by making the building’s heritage more widely available, the deficit was turned around and the Cathedral was placed on a firmer financial footing.

Chris is now using his proven expertise to secure the future of our lovely parish church and aims to achieve this in time to mark the church’s 700th anniversary in 2018. St Eustachius Church will strengthen its outreach and mission, widen the appeal of its services, engage more widely with local schools, and open its magnificent building in the centre of town for the appropriate use of all. The church needs better facilities to make it more welcoming as a place of worship, a place to visit, a concert venue, and much, much more.

Many tales of amusement

One of Chris’s many other talents is the telling of amusing stories and his presentation was well seasoned with these. Ray Hurle thanked Chris for his most entertaining talk. Our meeting in March looks at the activities of the Devon Air Ambulance Trust.  Probus has an interesting and varied program ahead including a tour of the historical aspects of Launceston, a backstage visit to part of the Plymouth theatre complex and some wide ranging topics for our talks.

If you would like to join as a Tavistock Probus Club member and get involved in these talks, please have a word with our secretary on 01822 615669.

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