Tavistock Probus Club Celebrate Their 25th Anniversary

June 19, 2017 TPC-ADMIN

A CELEBRATION lunch was held in the Bedford Hotel, Tavistock, to mark the 25th anniversary of the founding of the town’s Probus Club.

The occasion was held in the hotel’s Gallery 26 restaurant and attended by the Mayor of Tavistock and the president of Tavistock Rotary.

The Rev Michael Lapage said grace, and two founder members, Malcolm Gore and David Kettle, proposed ’The Loyal Toast’ and ’The Trafalgar Day toast’.

Tavistock mayor Cllr Harry Smith praised Tavistock Probus Club for its long record of enriching the life of Tavistock and in response, the chairman Tony Dunk said that the club is a happy and joyful group, a sentiment echoed by all members present.

Tony Everett brought greetings from Tavistock Rotary and wished the Probus Club well.

Anyone interested in Probus can contact the secretary on 01822 615669.

To view the actual article in the Tavistock Times Gazette, follow this link.

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